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It has become clear that it’s time for Publishers to better collect and leverage location data to enhance their app’s core user experience and augment their monetization streams. Gimbal provides Publishers a complete mobile engagement and location intelligence platform to enhance user experiences, discover audience insights, and unlock new revenue streams.

 By using Gimbal’s lightweight, reliable and powerful SDKs and software, Publishers can better understand the real world, macro and micro-location behavior of their users, while providing an enhanced, personalized mobile experience. Publishers that enroll in Gimbal’s Proximity Data Platform also have the ability to not only gather privacy-compliant, 1st party location data but also to participate in the monetized value exchange of that data.

Quite simply, Gimbal empowers Publishers to better understand their users, enable more relevant and precise audience targeting, and open up new, strategic revenue opportunities.

Mobile Location Platform

Leverage Gimbal’s Market-Leading Platform to Enhance Your User Experience

  • Deliver contextual content to your users based on location
  • Activate dormant users based on their location with personalized push notifications
  • Enhance your relationship with your users via a deeper understanding of their geo-location behavior
  • Create personalized, turnkey consumer experiences in minutes

Proximity Data Platform

Unlock a New Monetization Stream Without Impacting Your User Experience

  • Anonymous, privacy-friendly location data is used for audience segmentation and monetization
  • Experience CPM uplift and improved sell-through by utilizing accurate 1st party location data
  • Physical attribution monetization
  • Gain deeper location insights on your users

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